Why Your Company Should Use a LinkedIn Company Page


Did you receive a notice in 2012 from LinkedIn when they reached 200 Million Members? For those that did the letter started off like this, “Recently, LinkedIn reached a new milestone: 200 million members. But this isn’t just our achievement to celebrate — it’s also yours.” Many members made sure they shared this milestone with all their LinkedIn ‘connections’ and with their other social media networks.

In October 2012, LinkedIn rolled out their redesigned Company Page to all companies. These company pages can share your company brand and help highlight some of  your top products and services. Here are 4 reasons why utilizing a LinkedIn Company Page is smart:

  1. Company Reach – In some cases employees are updating their LinkedIn profile and sharing where they work. Everyone of those connections have the potential to land on your company page. 
  2. Product Awareness – Each company page provides a section where you can display and talk about a product or service. LinkedIn is unique from other social media company pages in that they are big with product awareness (add multiple products) and help target your audience .
  3. Search Engine Optimization – Not only will visitors witness how many of your connections have recommended your products and services, but LinkedIn Jobs appear in search results including Twitter. LinkedIn is a its own search engine when in comes to finding jobs and companies.
  4. Lead Generation – When updating a LinkedIn Company Page, this allows you to link offers and create leads to your deals or specials.  Similar to Facebook and Google+, this allows you to drive lots of traffic back to your website and increase leads. You can add large clickable “call to action” images and help lead the right people to your offer and website.

Are you convinced of the marketing potential of LinkedIn Company Pages?  Regardless if you are a marketer or a LinkedIn member, a company page is a benefit and opportunity to extend your connections. Contact us if you want to create your LinkedIn Company Page today. 

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Noodles009Why Your Company Should Use a LinkedIn Company Page