Why Link up with LinkedIn?

When you mention social media, most people think of Facebook or Twitter before they think of LinkedIn. Because there are 90 million global LinkedIn users, you may want to take a closer look.

If you currently have FB & Twitter, a LinkedIn account would be a perfect addition to your personal and/or business branding. The key to having these social media platforms work for you is to use them regularly.

Another reason to use LinkedIn regularly is it creates Google “Juice” and can create a higher ranking on Google (SEO). Where do you start?

• Show off your skills and expertise: Set up a well written profile with a photo
• Share something meaningful: Post valuable content or motivational quotes
• Discover conversation starters: Create relationship by learning where members went to school, what they read and some of their interest.
• Post and spot hot topics: Join various groups to share real-time information

If you have not found much success with other social media sites in creating a more professional brand, then give LinkedIn a try. Start by participating regularly with 20 to 30 minutes daily. Email us and let us know if you are successful using LinkedIn and what worked for you.

Noodles009Why Link up with LinkedIn?