Which Will Work For You: Text or QR Code?

  This past week I spoke to a restaurant owner about the possibilities of increasing their branding and marketing with social marketing.  We viewed and discussed the possibilities of using a mobile website that the average consumer could access and view easily. Imagine viewing a mobile website with larger font and a video with a call to action. 

Imagine providing the user with value and a simple way to enjoy your business services and/or products and save money.  You can simply scan a QR code that will direct you to a mobile and user friendly website.  Place your order and go on with your day. Both consumer and business owner are happy.

Because Mondays can usually be a slow day for restaurant owners, how about proving a text campaign for your best customers for saving to “Mojito Monday”.  If Tuesdays are slower, how about “Taco Tuesday”?  These loyal customers can opt in to your monthly or weekly text campaign and enjoy some great food and drink while increasing your branding. 

Which social marketing strategy will work best for your business?  They can also work even better together.  Have all new customers opt in for future specials, events, savings and while obtaining their contact information.  Once they text, they can receive an instant response and providing them with your website, email address, phone number and more.  They can bookmark your website, save your phone number on their mobile phone for future purchases.

How powerful is that?  Contact your team at “Socially Now” to learn more and for a proposal.   




Noodles009Which Will Work For You: Text or QR Code?