What Makes A Good Website?

We are recently working with a client that has had a website for four years and they realized it wasn’t receiving new traffic or getting their existing clients to revisit the site. So after some research, we made some recommendations.

A good website should clearly identify it’s goals and should also be attractive and easy to navigate.

1. Provide value to your audience so that they visit your site again and again
2. Provide credible and original content
3. Provide valuable and timely information
4. Provide a professional appearance (free of broken links and missing images)
5. Getting your homepage right (a common homepage mistake is to write too much):

There several other tips to consider to making a good website and these are just few simple but important ones. You should also be optimizing your website by targeting your audience and testing it. The days of set it and forget isn’t enough today.

What section of your website had the most clicks? Review your web analytics and measure the results again and again and make changes accordingly. This should make for a great website.

This story had us thinking about our Socially Now website blog and we decided to improve and create a new website. It will be up and available in January 2012, so please give us your feedback. Let us if you like it, and if your business could use a new and improve website .

Noodles009What Makes A Good Website?