What is Pinterest?

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Our Socially Now blog in mid-March mentioned Pinterest for the first time, and how it had a smaller following than Facebook. What is Pinterest and why the rave reviews? It’s another social media site that is engaging particularly among women (60/40).

Todd Wasserman, Mashable’s business editor reported several days ago, “Pinterest is now the number three most-popular social network in the U.S., behind Facebook and Twitter, according to Experian Hitwise.” The report ending in January showed Pinterest had 21.5 million visits for the last week of January 2012.

These stats put Pinterest at number 3 just behind Facebook and Twitter for most visited sites. Do not confuse it with most “unique visitors”, which is not what the report indicates. It also does not include mobile usage. Regardless, it beat out LinkedIn who was number 4, and that’s still impressive.

In mid-March Pinterest just redesigned its site, and it is more popular now than ever. It is a great tool for local businesses to drive traffic to their website. According to a report by Shareaholic, in January is created 3.6% referral traffic beating not only LinkedIn but Google Plus and YouTube.

The power is that when you pin an image, it links back to the original image…hence it can be linked back to your website. Start building your Pinterest presence by creating a personal account first and then a business account. This will allow you to experience it as a consumer and help you determine what will be best for your business imaging.

Just like all the other social media platforms, build your network of friends, fans, clients, co-workers and strategic business partners. Make sure to also provide good content. Content is key in social media.

Start branding your business by creating a dozen interesting boards. Make the board names entertaining and engaging. Your content must be “pinnable” to create that traffic.

Macaroni Kid Stockton has a fun and user friendly Pinterest board that is hyperlocal. The Stockton Convention and Visitors Bureau have one more week left of their “Celebrate! Great Stockton Asparagus Dine Out Pinterest Challenge”. The winners receive tickets to the Stockton Asparagus Festival held the last weekend of April.

Visit these two hyperlocal Pinterest sites for ideas. Let us know what you think. Are you using Pinterest in your business? What have you created that is generating traffic to your website?

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