What Is Breaking Stockton News?

The Breaking Stockton News (BSN) delivers social media sourced news and information to the city of Stockton and their neighborhoods. The BSN site provides social media feeds using Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds and blogs and provides a real time ticker tape of everything happening in a community.

What makes BSN different from other hyperlocal media? We’re grass roots and the community is part of the news feeds. Every neighborhood is managed on-the-ground by real people who are hubs of their community and wish to share wants happening. We do not rely on advertising revenues, so we can promote our local merchants and organizations free. Breaking Stockton News is a good example of how we promote restaurants, good causes and other local institutions by embedding their complete website information as a community service. We have adopted Daily Deals to help the local businesses market themselves to the community at a granular town and neighborhood level. We also use Daily Deals to help fund good causes, both local and national.

If you want to learn more on how your local business can benefit from this social marketing platform, please visit www.BreakingStocktonNews.com and email us. Keep in local.

Noodles009What Is Breaking Stockton News?