Local Insurance Agent is Recognized for His Unique Facebook Marketing

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This blog is special and it provides a sense of accomplishment not only for our Social Now team, but more importantly for our client.

Banez Insurance Agency has been in business in Stockton for almost 4 years.  Ron Banez is an insurance agent with Farmers Insurance, and he has been successful in marketing his business using Facebook.

In September 2011, the Social Media Examiner (SME) reported the “9 Facebook Marketing Success Stories You Should Model”They gathered different Facebook pages ranging from American Express to Cheese Burger Society and shared what they felt were inspirational examples.

Why was Banez Insurance Agency in that mix? The SME stated, “Banez Insurance Agency is a local Farmers Insurance agency in Stockton, California. This small business is doing a number of things smart marketers should study.  He makes an immediate impression on his welcome page by doing two things: 1) Making a charitable donation for every Like and 2) using a video.”

According to the SME, the key takeaways were that he took advantage of the photo strips with a message and drew attention to his tabs.

Then in January 2012, Flex Digital Marketing wrote an article “17 Impressive Small Business Facebook Pages You Can Learn From”.  In this report, again Banez Insurance Agency was highlighted and this time not because of the number of fans but because of the activity with his fans.

They wrote, “Why we like it”:

  • It’s tough to make insurance interesting but Banez keeps engagement up with a variety of useful posts and questions
  • Welcome tab includes a good call to action and use of video
  • Great use of Facebook tabs to incorporate and gather testimonials.

Many Facebook changes have occurred since then.  Facebook implemented “Timeline” for personal profiles and pages.  Banez Insurance Agency kept up with these changes and did not skip a beat when it came to capitalizing on the new Facebook Timeline.

It still provides the same quality content and engagement necessary to market and grow their business.  Ron Banez said, “I’m neither a Geico nor a Caveman.  I’m a real life person that cares about the real lives of my clients.”   “I answer the phone when a client has a question or needs assistance with a claim. I use Facebook to send birthday wishes, to share real stories and valuable insurance information and I keep it light and entertaining. I guess people like that.”

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Noodles009Local Insurance Agent is Recognized for His Unique Facebook Marketing