Is Text Messaging Still A Good Part of Social Marketing?

There are currently sexier ways to communicate with your clients such as with a “QR” code or a mobile website. But what about text? Don’t ignore text messaging when creating your social marketing strategies.

The reason is text messaging or SMS, is still a big part of mobile marketing. The fact is that it still remains the most widely used application in the world. There are over 187 billion text messages sent each month in the U.S.

Seth Kaplan, president of Mobile Real Estate ID quotes David Geipel in his article dated 11/21/11 as saying, “Text messages are direct, conversational and interactive, something that is not always true about other forms of mobile engagement,” which Seth believes is very true. Kaplan also states that, “Another true benefit of text messaging, from a sales perspective, is that it is directly tied to the consumer who is texting, meaning their actual phone number. As such, if you implement a text message marketing program in your advertising to engage consumers, not only can you give them the information they want in a concise and direct manner, you can get the information you want: a lead with a phone number and topic to call back immediately.”

As business owners and sales professionals, what we want is to create these opportunities and engage our clients. Text messaging allows you to embed links within text messages that will create traffic to any destinations you wish such a website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube video or even a shopping cart.

When it comes to social marketing, text messaging is widely used and can provide analytics to gauge what will continue to work for your business. If you haven’t made it a part of your mobile strategy and are interested to see how it works, text SociallyNow at 41242. If you like what you see, contact the team at Socially Now and stay ahead of the marketing curve by differentiate yourself from your competition and create your special niche with text messaging today.

Noodles009Is Text Messaging Still A Good Part of Social Marketing?