Is Google TV Coming to Your Community?

Google Inc.’s YouTube is expected to announce this week that it has signed several partnerships with media companies and popular personalities to provide original content for the popular YouTube website.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “YouTube is trying to become a next-generation cable provider overseeing dozens of free online “channels” with professional-grade shows, people familiar with the matter have said.” Some of the media partners will produce multiple channels to include one of 20 or so categories such as food, comedy and news, these people said. YouTube is asking partners, who will retain ownership rights over the content, to produce unique shows that do not duplicate what is produced on TV.

Will Google TV come to your community? If they do, do you have a YouTube account that brands your business and provides regular videos with your own content?

Just recently our “ZenetandCarri” channel was invited by YouTube to earn revenue from their videos by joining “AdSense”. Google AdSense is a free and lets you provide Google search to your site users by displaying Google ads. So if you ever wanted to add video as part of your business branding but weren’t sure it would be a benefit, think again.

Remember the content must be good and provide value; otherwise, not many will view them. Contact the team at Socially Now if you want more information on how to incorporate video marketing into your business.

Noodles009Is Google TV Coming to Your Community?