Is Google+ the Best Social Media Network for Businesses?

google+ business page

In 2011 Google+ was introduced in a beta phase for to a few social media players. Many believed it could challenge the popular Facebook platform. After all, it was Google.

However during that phase, Google+ was confusing to some, clunky to others and just did not have all the spice and ease as Facebook. Even after only a few months when Google+ was available to everyone, it still could win the minds and attention of the million Facebook and or even Google users.

In February 2013, Google+ surpassed Twitter as the 2nd most popular social media network behind Facebook. Global Web Index reported in January 2013, that Google+ in December 2012 globally “grew in terms of active usage by 27% to 343m users to become the number 2 social platform”.  With Google’s other very popular social media platform, YouTube came in 3rd place of most active users.  There is no denying the star power of Google.

Google+ as a business tool is an effective way to create new business and grow existing ones. With a Google+ Page you can bring to life your business and increase your brand. This is similar to Facebook pages where you create your Google personal profile first to then create your business page.  When uploading your profile and cover image, use the same logo and images to build strong brand awareness.

One of the advantages of Google+ is that if you post a link about a specific topic and one of your circle connections searches on Google+ on that same topic, your post will appear on top of their search.  Keeping you and your business in front of your circles.

One of my favorite Google+ features is the “Hang Out” feature.  This is an excellent virtual “face-to-face” meeting space that can save you time and get projects done quicker. You can invite up to nine individuals to hang out with a video stream.  Sharing screens online and documents with Google Drive are some of the powerful tools.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to start your Google+ account and create your business page.

Please share this article with someone who could benefit from these super Google+ tools, and let us know what you like about best about Google+.

Noodles009Is Google+ the Best Social Media Network for Businesses?