How To Use Video Testimonials

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Every business owner appreciates a good testimonial from clients, and most satisfied customers love giving them.  Yelp! is an excellent example where many consumers go to post and read “reviews” or testimonials?

So what happens when you create video testimonials?

Pamela Vaughn reported on August 21, 2012 in a HubSpot blog that On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined.”  And even better yet she reported that “On YouTube, 100 million users are taking a social action on videos every week.”

With these recent statistics it’s no surprise more and more business are creating YouTube channels and adding video to their websites and Facebook pages.

The Arbor Senior Apartments in Lodi, California did a fantastic job of incorporating not only testimonial videos from their raving residence but also from the residence family and friends.

Here are 6 tips to consider when using video testimonials:

  1. Upload to for an additonal audience
  2. Tag keyword(s) to your video
  3. Post video to your website
  4. Post it on YouTube (4th largest SEO/Google)
  5. Share video on other social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  6. When posting on FB, tag the person you’ve recorded and share on their social media networks

Another great idea is ask your top business clients to share a specific story on how you helped them with a product or service.  Have them speak about your talents, your passion, and dedication. They will appreciate the extra steps of branding them along with your business.

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