How To Use Social Media and Engage Your Facebook Fans?

Socially Now Facebook Timeline Page 2012

There’s more to Facebook than “likes,” and there’s more to the measurement of social media than “fans”. While expanding a social audience with fans and likes is important, it doesn’t help businesses understand how engaged their social audience is.

On March 6, 2012, Erik Sass reported in “The Social Graf” that the growth of Facebook was slowing in the US. Sass said, “….isn’t really much of a surprise, considering that it already has about a third of the population.” The online publication, eMarketer predicted this year that they believe Facebook would grow about 6% and to about 141 million users.

We know that there is more to Facebook than being liked, and there’s more to gauging social media than having more fans. It’s very important to have your audience engaged. On March 11, 2012, our Breaking Lodi News page received its 200th like. The engagement to reach that mark was amazing as our fans were cheering us on.

The Facebook member who engages more recently and with greater frequency, is more likely to recommend and influence others. Facebook announced that all brand pages will be moving to Timeline at end of March. This leaves you will only a few weeks to rework, redesign and otherwise recast their existing Facebook page.

And so far, the feedback on Facebook Timeline page has been pretty positive. Will the new Facebook Timeline page help increase that engagement?

On March 6, Mark Zuckerberg “liked” their newest addition Friendsheet. It competes with new and popular social photo sharing tool called Pinterest. If you like Pinterest and you are a big-time Facebook user, then visit and experience the difference between Pinterest and Friendsheet.

Pinterest is smaller and has fewer users than Facebook, but many users are enjoying Pinetrest more because the photos are not getting lost among wall posts and updates. Our very own Stockton Convention & Visitors Bureau has recently incorporated Pinterest in their marketing, and currently has a “Great Stockton Asparagus Dine Out” contest.

You can enter to win 4 free tickets to the Asparagus Festival for April by picking the most creative, fun, and asparagus filled pin board using their Pinterest board. Also bloggers are using Pinterest and other similar social sites like Friendsheet to increase their SEO and web traffic.

Are you engaging your audience on Facebook with the new Timeline or Friendsheet? If you’re goal is to increase your branding and traffic with engagement and not only with “likes”, than start effectively using one or both of these.

Let us know what you think about the new Facebook Timeline page or Friendsheet, and how it has helped brand your business.

Noodles009How To Use Social Media and Engage Your Facebook Fans?