How to Rank on YouTube “Gangnam Style”

YouTube 12.30.12

On October 6, 2012, the YouTube sensation “Gangnam Style” had over 5 million searches for the term in one single day.  On December 21, 2012, YouTube officially reported this catchy song video blew up on the internet and reached record 1 billion views.  Amazing!

If part of your 2013 marketing plan includes video and YouTube, than here are some tips on how to increase your ranking on YouTube:

  • Keywords in your title – The first 50 to 60 characters are recognized by YouTube search results, so make sure to use your primary keyword phrase in the title.
  • Keywords in your description – The more works used in your description, the higher the chances of being found by searcher, so write long description (up to 5000 characters).
  • Keywords in your tags – The more relevant keywords the better and include your primary and secondary keyword phrases along with “quotation marks” on the most important ones.
  • Create incoming links – This is the most effective way to help rank for a particular phrase. Use your phrase in articles, blog posts and social media incoming links as part of your anchor text.
  • Create quality content – It’s important to keep your audience engaged for every marketing system, so add YouTube “Annotations” and hyperlink to other related videos.
  • New In Video Programming – Insert a thumbnail hyperlink in your top video at the point where you may start to lose your viewer.
  • Increase your video views – Announce your video on social media sites, embed videos into your website and announce your video in newsletter and emails.

Think of yourself as a publisher or producer when it comes to your videos. It will take time to for potential customers to become regular viewers. By using video to create awareness of your brand by engaging them, this will convert them to purchase and create loyalty.

Please let us know what video technique works best for you and your brand.  If you found these tips beneficial, please comment, share and/or subscribe to our newsletter. Much success in 2013.

Noodles009How to Rank on YouTube “Gangnam Style”