How to Maximize Facebook Timeline with the New Real-Time Insights?

Socially Now Facebook Timeline page March 2012

Facebook has 850 million active users and 483 million of them use it daily. On February 29, 2012 Facebook started testing their Timeline on pages, and they gave page owners 30 days to test drive the new features.

One of the biggest changes is Timeline no longer has a default page. They did add a large cover image page, and you can still use your profile page. You can now receive and send private messages similar to your personal Facebook.

You can pin an important post, highlight it and keep it on the top of your page for 7 days. This is a key feature to help you maximize your brand by using the new real-time insights.

Everyone knows what the “like” button does for your brand, but it is not the only feature to help measure the success of your Facebook page. They now have several engagement metrics in their insights reports, and it’s in real-time now (within 48 hours).

Mr. David Baser, Facebook Manager stated, “Changes in data can drive immediate action.” “For example, you might want to change a post that’s getting a lot of distribution but not engagement. A post with a lot of engagement is maybe one to pin to the top of the page. With real-time, the underlying meaning of metrics is changed. You see what happens, and then you take actions. The data itself becomes a form of analysis.”

There are different types of metrics that are more sophisticated than the “like” button. They include “People Talking About This” (PTAT) and “Engaged Users” features. These features count engagement and activity on your Timeline.

PTAT counts activity that include commenting, sharing, tagging, event RSVP’s, check-ins and likes. Engaged Users are a larger count than PTAT, and they include the link clicks and opening a photo or watching a video. They both add up and provide metrics on how well your content is engaging.

Mr. Baser also stated that there is no specific guideline yet on what the ratio should be and what the benchmarks to gauge the changes over time are. It still is overwhelming and Facebook is working on simplifying the information since it’s coming in faster.

Regardless, it allows you to be more responsive to your audience and learn how to better interact and respond with respective users. Consider when analyzing your Facebook social media marketing strategy to test different posts, videos, polls and events. Gather your engaged data, measure it and make changes accordingly.

Look at your insights weekly for the month of April, and let us know if your new Facebook Timeline page creates more engagement.

Noodles009How to Maximize Facebook Timeline with the New Real-Time Insights?