How Do Baby Boomers Communicate to Generation Y?

Have you noticed that more and more younger people (Generation X) are becoming first time homebuyers and that the average real estate agent is in their 50’s (Baby Boomers)? How are they communicating with each other in today’s real estate market?

Regardless of your business, how are you communicating to your Millennial Generation clients and consumers?

We live in a mobile, fast paced world. I’ve noticed that more of my family and friends prefer to use text rather than make a call. We download mobile apps that will save us time and money, and for fun we watch movies and listen to music on our mobile devices regularly.

When we’re shopping, reading a newspaper or magazine, we scan QR codes to learn more. If we want to learn “how to”, we search YouTube for a video. When I’m out and about, I “check-in” with Foursquare, Facebook and/or Twitter.

As an instant gratification society, we are becoming more aware of the language of text, QR Codes and mobile websites. What are you doing to communicate and stay in contact? Visit or scan the QR code above for a glimpse of what a mobile website may look like.

Noodles009How Do Baby Boomers Communicate to Generation Y?