How Can You Build Your Brand Using LinkedIn?

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What is LinkedIn? It’s a business-related social media networking site that was founded in December 2002. Since November 2011, they have reported more than 135 million registered users in over 200 countries.

It can help build your brand by connecting with other strategic partners to gain knowledge, insight and opportunities by networking. Start by setting up a profile, connect with those you know or would like to know, request and give recommendations and provide value with articles and postings.

Because LinkedIn’s long-term strategy has been to position itself as a marketing platform for branding, they recently added a new program that includes a “follow company” button from the homepage. The concept is similar to “liking” on Facebook or “following” on Twitter. You can receive automated updates from company brands within the LinkedIn feeds.

A LinkedIn representative stated in January 2012 that the new button “marks the first phase of LinkedIn’s follower ecosystem strategy that will unfold over the coming weeks.” Here is a YouTube video on how to “find and follow companies” announced in a recent blog: LinkedIn’s

On the average we receive 3-5 daily LinkedIn connection requests , and we are grateful for them. However, more importantly we would like to see more recommend request. Similar to a testimonial or a Yelp! review, this is also a critical component of branding. They of course should be given sparingly and when deserved, and cherished and displayed when received.

As you network face-to-face and connect at events, we invite you extend with those you meet and do business with to network online and build your brand by using LinkedIn.  Also, find and follow companies you know and respect, and follow their lead on how to better brand you and your business. Let’s connect!

Search company button on LinkedIn, social media, socially now, zenet negron

Noodles009How Can You Build Your Brand Using LinkedIn?