How Can An iPad2 or Tablet Change Your Branding?

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One could say that the mobile market exploded in 2011 with over 324 million handsets sold. In the US there was an increase of over 100 percent which proves there are more active phones than people.

The average adult spends 10 percent of their time on their mobile device which caused mobile to surpass traditional print publications compared to 4 percent for newspapers and 2.8 for magazines.

The end of 2011 brought me a new iPad2, and it’s amazing what it can do. What’s more amazing is how it’s taken my mobile experience to another level from my mobile phone.

The tablet has created an explosion in the mobile market because it’s a hybrid between a PC and a smartphone. My work days involve working a lot on my PC, but when I’m out of the office, making a presentation or simply enjoying my recent book download, the tablet is more engaging.
As a business owner, part of your marketing is to keep the viewer engaged so they stay on your site. Does your website have the capacity to adapt to any mobile device and/or PC?

Keep your business brand on top of your viewers mind by adding a mobile site. Visit our website at from your PC, your mobile phone and tablet and experience the difference from each one. Let us know what you think and which you prefer.

Noodles009How Can An iPad2 or Tablet Change Your Branding?