Do You “Push” or “Pull” Your Social Marketing?

Social media requires conversation and interaction with customers. When it comes to traditionally marketing your business, we encounter a “push” message approach. What most consumers want is a “pull” message approach.

Planning your social marketing campaign is critical to draw traffic and to brand you and your business. What are some criterias to keep in mind?

1. Branding – Start with your brand and then work on social media platforms. What is your purpose?
2. Theme – Choose a specific theme (niche) and build your brand around that theme
3. Customer Interests – It’s not about you. It’s about the customer and what they like.
4. Social Media Fit – Not every brand needs to be on Facebook. Yelp! might be a better fit.
5. Long-term vs. Short-term – Can your social marketing plan sustain a long-term program? Make sure to have the resources to maintain it such as consistent stream of tweets, postings and blogs.

Want more ideas for your social media platform? Join the Socially Now team this Wednesday, 12/14/11 at 5pm to 6pm in Stockton, CA for their “Social Marketing Strategies for 2012” presentation at Atria Bayside Landing on Brookside Road.

Noodles009Do You “Push” or “Pull” Your Social Marketing?