Do You Have A Twitter List?

Do You Have a Twitter List?

Do You Have a Twitter List?

So you already have your Twitter account. You completed your profile, added a photo and started following some cool tweets. But what do you do when your account has lots of people, groups and tweets? It can get overwhelming.

Twitter blog recommends creating a list of friends and family to help you find their tweets quicker. Here is how you can create a list:

• To Make A list – click the “Lists” tab on your Twitter home page
• Choose From Dropdown Menu – choose “Create a list” and add a name
• Add Users to Your List – When you see a user’s profile, open the “lists” dropdown menu. Click that button to add or remove a that user from your list

One little secret is that you can add people to your lists even if you don’t follow them. Also, when creating a list, you can choose to make it public, accessible to everyone or make it private.

Visit for an informative video on Twitter. After viewing it, if you need help setting up, want “one on one” educational sessions and/or simply wish to have someone maintain your Twitter account, contact the Socially Now team today. Happy tweeting.




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