Basics for a Better Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

According to Nielsen, two-thirds of the global internet population is spending a huge amount of their time online visiting social networks.  Currently just on Facebook alone, the global population spends about 700 billion hours on this social site. Because more people are using social media to research prior to purchasing, many successful brands are connecting and communicating with their customers … Read More

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Add a Social Media Policy and Avoid Company Mishaps

Social Media Policy

If your business is benefiting from social media marketing, that’s fantastic. You check your Facebook page views to see daily “likes”, and then move on to the company LinkedIn page to learn your best client has a referral for you. Your brand has gone viral, but there’s a tweet from an employee on their personal Twitter account where they have … Read More

Noodles009Add a Social Media Policy and Avoid Company Mishaps

How Can You Build a Powerful Social Media Strategy?

Social Media Network

More and more small business owners are embracing the fact that social media is not a fad and that they need to make it part of their marketing strategy.  They are also realizing this is a long-term commitment that can be daunting and exhausting. If your business is committed to social media marketing, it is imperative to create a working … Read More

Noodles009How Can You Build a Powerful Social Media Strategy?

How To Use Video Testimonials

Watch this video image

Every business owner appreciates a good testimonial from clients, and most satisfied customers love giving them.  Yelp! is an excellent example where many consumers go to post and read “reviews” or testimonials? So what happens when you create video testimonials? Pamela Vaughn reported on August 21, 2012 in a HubSpot blog that “On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than … Read More

Noodles009How To Use Video Testimonials

Why Use Twitter In Your Business?


  Twitter has become more popular with young social media users because they know that their parents don’t follow Twitter as much as Facebook and they can tweet in private. Although you have only 140 characters per tweet, it’s a quick and easy way to get your message out. Celebrities like Justin Bieber exploded on Twitter.  In politics, Twitter is … Read More

Noodles009Why Use Twitter In Your Business?

How Google+ Business Page Can Improve Your Branding?

Google+ for business

Larry Page, CEO of Google was quoted in the April 9, 2012 “Bloomberg Businessweek” as saying, “Producing the best [products] we possibly can for users is our paramount thing.” They launched Google+ (G+) in June 2011, and in November 2011 they rolled out G+ business pages. Google+ is a social network that is powered the super Google search engine giant. … Read More

Noodles009How Google+ Business Page Can Improve Your Branding?

Social Media: “Will It Blend?

SCVB April 2012 Video

Do you remember Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” video series? They demonstrated how their blender could even blend an iPad2? This series of videos currently has over 2 million views. The company used social media only after creating a social marketing strategy. As small business owners, we often dive right into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube campaigns and postings without giving … Read More

Noodles009Social Media: “Will It Blend?

What is Pinterest?

pinterest logo for Socially Now blog

Our Socially Now blog in mid-March mentioned Pinterest for the first time, and how it had a smaller following than Facebook. What is Pinterest and why the rave reviews? It’s another social media site that is engaging particularly among women (60/40). Todd Wasserman, Mashable’s business editor reported several days ago, “Pinterest is now the number three most-popular social network in … Read More

Noodles009What is Pinterest?

How to Maximize Facebook Timeline with the New Real-Time Insights?

Socially Now Facebook Timeline page March 2012

Facebook has 850 million active users and 483 million of them use it daily. On February 29, 2012 Facebook started testing their Timeline on pages, and they gave page owners 30 days to test drive the new features. One of the biggest changes is Timeline no longer has a default page. They did add a large cover image page, and … Read More

Noodles009How to Maximize Facebook Timeline with the New Real-Time Insights?

How To Use Social Media and Engage Your Facebook Fans?

Socially Now Facebook Timeline Page 2012

There’s more to Facebook than “likes,” and there’s more to the measurement of social media than “fans”. While expanding a social audience with fans and likes is important, it doesn’t help businesses understand how engaged their social audience is. On March 6, 2012, Erik Sass reported in “The Social Graf” that the growth of Facebook was slowing in the US. … Read More

Noodles009How To Use Social Media and Engage Your Facebook Fans?