How Can You Leverage YouTube with Social Media?

Socially Now YouTube Channel

Posting your video on YouTube is one of several hosting sites where you can leverage and attract serious traffic. It currently has the largest audience. You can brand your business more effectively by using other social media platforms with video. One of the most effective ways to leverage your YouTube videos is by posting them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. … Read More

Noodles009How Can You Leverage YouTube with Social Media?

10 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

Socially Now facebook page

What is a Facebook Page?  It is a single page you create from your personal Facebook account, and it is sometimes referred as “fan page” or a “business page”.  Your page can focus on a business, a topic, a non-profit organization and it can be used to brand you and your business. It’s very popular and common to see entertainers … Read More

Noodles00910 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

Facebook Finally Launched iPad App

On Columbus Day, many iPad users discovered a new face to Facebook.  FB’s long-awaited iPad app is now available and ready to use. Two of the most popular items are the photo and game features. The app has a built in HTML5 program that allows the user to scroll through news feeds, swipe or pinch the screen making it easier to use.  … Read More

Noodles009Facebook Finally Launched iPad App

What Is the Proper Facebook Etiquette?

What are the proper FB etiquettes when it comes to the “don’t dos”?  We have all seen remarks and postings that make us say “Ouch!” After reading a couple of Facebook articles and many FB comments, I’ve created my list (part one) of 5 “Don’t Dos”. 1.  Don’t use profanity (particularly the “F’ word) 2.  No bashing (religious, political or spiritual) … Read More

Noodles009What Is the Proper Facebook Etiquette?