Can Twitter Help Market and Build Your Business?

Socially Now Twitter 10.15.12

With only 140 characters allowed, Twitter is still an effective, short and nice way to get your message out and raise awareness about your business and brand.

Here are some simple strategies that you can implement today using Twitter to market your business:

1. Connect with Prospects and Clients

Like Facebook, Twitter allows you to connect with prospects and clients in an intimate way more than traditional media. Today, anyone can Google you, and Twitter puts you in a space where they can find real-time information and connect with you on a daily basis.

  • Identifying who you want to follow
  • Locate people with similar interests


2. Increase Your Database

Take the time to identify your target audience and what information is most important to them. If you are a CPA or want to connect to people requiring tax services, then provide timely tax tips or regular FAQ’s.

  • Do more than push out your newsletter
  • Ask questions and create a conversation
  • Retweet interesting updates


3. Increase Your Website Traffic

Building a database goes hand in hand with increasing website traffic (SEO). Here are two strategies to use to increase website visibility:

  • Create and connect your blog to Twitter
  • Create an Opt-in feature on your website


4.  Apply for Automated Retweets through our Breaking News feed

Our Breaking Stockton News and Breaking Lodi News is a hyperlocal online publication that is dedicated to community service and social media sourced news.  If you are a business, civic group, arts organization or a good cause, and you’re actively using Twitter to share your community news, events, initiatives, or even reviews, we can automate your tweet messages to our community follower base. Apply by emailing us at with the following:

  • What is your Twitter handle?
  • Which city do you want to access?
  • What is your name?
  • What is your email address so we can send you simple instructions on how to get your tweets retweeted? (We will not spam.)
  • Comments?  We will authorize feeds if you articulate a good community mission and have a Twitter history.


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Noodles009Can Twitter Help Market and Build Your Business?