Can a Video Help Brand Your Business?

Socially Now's YouTube Video "Meet Wes Rhea" 1.18.12

Alexei Oreskovic of Reuters reported on Jan. 23 2012 that “YouTube, Google Inc’s video website, is streaming 4 billion online videos every day, a 25 percent increase in the past eight months, according to the company.”

One major reason for the huge increase is they have gone beyond your personal computer and have implemented a smartphone version. They are also working on providing a more professional content driven version.

Google purchased YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion with the plan to create additional revenue beyond internet SEO advertising. It appears the invest has paid off for Google since they recently reported every minute approximately 60 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube. This is an increase from 47 hours per minute since May 2011.

Other video hosting companies include Vimeo and Viddler, but YouTube is the most popular. Regardless of where you host your business video, keep these tips in mind:
• Create your brand not a show
• Link to your Website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.
• Review response(s)
• Involve your local communities
• Use specific tags and keywords
• Choose your format (YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler)
• Choose a regular schedule (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Did we mention the how much SEO a video can produce if done right and regularly? So if you have a video in mind to brand your business, create one today. It’s simple and fun, but be ready to dedicate a little extra time.

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Noodles009Can a Video Help Brand Your Business?