Which Will Work For You: Text or QR Code?

  This past week I spoke to a restaurant owner about the possibilities of increasing their branding and marketing with social marketing.  We viewed and discussed the possibilities of using a mobile website that the average consumer could access and view easily. Imagine viewing a mobile website with larger font and a video with a call to action.  Imagine providing the user … Read More

Noodles009Which Will Work For You: Text or QR Code?

Do You Have a QR Code Strategy?

QR Codes (Quick Response) are everywhere.  You find them on advertisements, business cards, magazines and even soda cans.  QR Codes are a quick and easy way to market and deliver your message to your mobile customers. QR Code marketing should be planned out just as you do your other marketing strategies.  You will want to track and measure your results.  … Read More

Noodles009Do You Have a QR Code Strategy?

Can Allowing Negative Comments on Social Networks Help Build Your Brand?

Some businesses are hesitant to establish social network accounts for fear of others posting negative comments.  Could negative comments actually work in your favor?  Ken Hittel, VP Corporate Internet for New York Life stated to Brandon Gutman of Social Ware that you have to trust your base, your community.  Their company had announced a community site that resulted in three … Read More

Noodles009Can Allowing Negative Comments on Social Networks Help Build Your Brand?

Are You Mobile Ready?

According to a recent Pew Internet Project report, 88% adult Americans own a cell phone, 42% own some type of smartphone, 87% of theses smartphone user browse online or email with them and of those smartphone users 2/3 use it daily.  Market and brand you and/or your business by making your emails mobile-friendly.          • Message subject line short           … Read More

Noodles009Are You Mobile Ready?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

 In order to retain that traffic and keep those eyeballs on YOU, creating a mobile version of your website is a must in 2011. Is your business ready to go mobile?            * In 2010, on average 15%-17% of             website traffic came from mobile          devices.      *In 2011, it estimated to increase to 34%.       * It … Read More

Noodles009Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?