Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Management Company or VA

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Do find yourself up late at night maintaining your business social media networks? Do you wonder if you are maximizing your efforts with each posting? Do you have a nephew or friend maintaining it for you, but not sure what’s being posted and if it’s consistent?

Is it time to hire a social media management company with a virtual assistant?

Earlier this month LinkedIn reported a breach of their member’s passwords.  How soon did you hear about it, and how quickly did you address the issue?  That same day we reported the breach on our social media networks, emailed our database and changed our and our clients’ passwords.

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Breaking News: Change your LinkedIn passwords. Via @nprnews: LinkedIn Investigating Reports Of Stolen Passwords

9:11 AM – 6 Jun 12 via Tweet Button · Details



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June 6

Breaking News: Change your LinkedIn passwords. ~zn



LinkedIn Investigating Reports Of Stolen Passwords : NPR

LinkedIn investigating reports of stolen passwords


One client was in Hawaii enjoying his vacation with the family and they had peace of mind knowing all their social media was being managed properly regardless of what was going on in the world. How much is that worth?

What do you do when there is an issue with a customer or a complaint posted on one of your social media sites?  Do you monitor each network regularly?  How do you address a not so positive public remark?

We’re not taking sides, but what about Greenpeace’s 2010 Facebook postings in protest to Nestle’s palm oil purchasing policy?  It took Nestle several days to respond effectively to the consistent negative reporting by Greenpeace on their Facebook page.

Do you have a social media team and policy in place to handle such issues?   Yelp! and Google are other networks where business reviews are common place.

Here are six reasons to have a social media management team:

  1. Save You Time So You Can Run Your Business
  2. No or Minimal Training Required
  3. No Office Space Required
  4. Only Pay for the Time You Need
  5. Save Money on Employee Benefits
  6. Get Valuable Experience

As a small business owner, you understand how important it is to be continually thinking about ways you can get the job done while saving your business money.  How can a social media management company and/or a virtual assistant (VA) help you achieve that in your business?

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