Basics for a Better Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

According to Nielsen, two-thirds of the global internet population is spending a huge amount of their time online visiting social networks.  Currently just on Facebook alone, the global population spends about 700 billion hours on this social site. Because more people are using social media to research prior to purchasing, many successful brands are connecting and communicating with their customers using social media marketing.

  1. Determine Who Is Your Target Audience

First step is to define and ID your target audience by establishing what your products or services provide. This is even more important when it comes to social media marketing because of the interactions with your clients and consumers. You don’t need to be everything to everyone.

  1. Determine Where Is Your Best Social Media Network

Second step is to define and ID where your audience is and what social media network they use regularly. Each social media network just has better results with certain audiences.  For example, a B2B audience will most likely be captured on LinkedIn opposed to Facebook.

  1. Determine What Is Your Message

After you determine who and where your audience is, then it is time to develop your message. Developing a social media strategy that stays focused on providing value and creating a consistent dialogue with your target audience is the third step. What is your message? During the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Addias was the official sponsor. However, Nike did not let that stop them when they launched their Find Your Greatness campaign.

  1. Determine How To Distribute Your Content

You do not need to have a huge marketing budget like Nike to distribute your content? Not necessarily. You can provide regular Facebook updates about your events, products and services, create video testimonials with your top clients or write a regular blog with helpful tips (such as this one). Share them on your website, newsletters and email campaigns.   


Once you have determined your audience, your social media networks, your message and your method of distribution, this is when you invest the time to build and nurture your social media audience with regular meaningful conversations. Measure and modify your results to optimize your leads and conversion rate.

Let us know if you have used any of these four tips, and what worked best for you. Please comment, like and share this blog if you found it beneficial. We value your feedback, so contact us on what you would like to read on our next blog.  

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