Add a Social Media Policy and Avoid Company Mishaps

Social Media Policy

If your business is benefiting from social media marketing, that’s fantastic. You check your Facebook page views to see daily “likes”, and then move on to the company LinkedIn page to learn your best client has a referral for you.

Your brand has gone viral, but there’s a tweet from an employee on their personal Twitter account where they have posted a photo or commented on a recent business golf tournament which includes a follower co-worker and one of your top clients behaving badly.

Does your company have social media policies in place? How do you monitor those conversations? What is your company attitude to social marketing?

Create a social media marketing policy and establish a social marketing department for this responsibility.

How does that social media policy reflect your company’s mission statement and vision?  Do you have a well-executed strategy to guide employees, sales staff, independent contractors and even your clients on what is a good online dialogue to follow?  Here are some things to consider:

  • What are copyright do’s and don’ts
  • How can they use company logos and company names
  • Do you create online private groups?
  • Who has the authority to engage?
  • How often do you educate staff on social media policies and practices?
  • Do you set up Google or Yahoo company email alerts?

A well planned social media policy and educated team can help avoid some social media disasters.  In addition, having social media reputation management tools and services can keep those embarrassing comments and posts to a minimum.

Yelp! reviews are flattering and can generate new clients and new business, but a bad review or negative comment can stop your social media marketing in its tracks.

For more insights on social networking policies, here is a video from VP Human Resource Manager of a local bank. If you found this information valuable, subscribe, comment and share it.   If you need to hire a social media marketing group, contact our Socially Now team and put your mind at ease.

Noodles009Add a Social Media Policy and Avoid Company Mishaps