How Google+ Business Page Can Improve Your Branding?

Google+ for business

Google+ for business

Larry Page, CEO of Google was quoted in the April 9, 2012 “Bloomberg Businessweek” as saying, “Producing the best [products] we possibly can for users is our paramount thing.”

They launched Google+ (G+) in June 2011, and in November 2011 they rolled out G+ business pages. Google+ is a social network that is powered the super Google search engine giant. Their goal is to penetrate the social market as Facebook did so effectively.

Can a Google+ business page improve your branding? If planned out and done correctly…yes.

Google+ has about 100 million members and they spend on average 3.3 minutes on the service site. They allow businesses to create pages and develop relationships with potential clients and customers on several levels.

Users can “+1” (or endorse) business updates, leave a comment, upload photos and even tag a brand. The huge component that distinguishes G+ from other social networks is video chat or new Hangout. When we think of video, many of us think of YouTube (YT), and we know that YT is owned and controlled by Google.

You can add Circles of different groups which can include personal and business. Start relationships by sharing different messages with these different groups. Hangouts is also central to Google+, and it is hottest and newest way to meet and interact with your family, friends and potential prospects similar to Skype but with multiple users.

Here are 5 steps to set up your Google+ business account:
1. Create a Gmail Account
2. Create a Business Page from your personal account
3. Create Your Custom Profile and include a photo or logo
4. Promote Your Page on Your website/blog and start streaming
5. Create a “Hangout” Video Chat

Let us know what you think of Google+, and how it can improve your business brand. For more Google+ tips, visit Google+ for Business or to get started

Noodles009How Google+ Business Page Can Improve Your Branding?