How Can An iPad2 or Tablet Change Your Branding?

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One could say that the mobile market exploded in 2011 with over 324 million handsets sold. In the US there was an increase of over 100 percent which proves there are more active phones than people. The average adult spends 10 percent of their time on their mobile device which caused mobile to surpass traditional print publications compared to 4 … Read More

Noodles009How Can An iPad2 or Tablet Change Your Branding?

Can a Video Help Brand Your Business?

Socially Now's YouTube Video "Meet Wes Rhea" 1.18.12

Alexei Oreskovic of Reuters reported on Jan. 23 2012 that “YouTube, Google Inc’s video website, is streaming 4 billion online videos every day, a 25 percent increase in the past eight months, according to the company.” One major reason for the huge increase is they have gone beyond your personal computer and have implemented a smartphone version. They are also … Read More

Noodles009Can a Video Help Brand Your Business?

10 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

Socially Now facebook page

What is a Facebook Page?  It is a single page you create from your personal Facebook account, and it is sometimes referred as “fan page” or a “business page”.  Your page can focus on a business, a topic, a non-profit organization and it can be used to brand you and your business. It’s very popular and common to see entertainers … Read More

Noodles00910 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

Do You Have A Twitter List?

Do You Have a Twitter List?

So you already have your Twitter account. You completed your profile, added a photo and started following some cool tweets. But what do you do when your account has lots of people, groups and tweets? It can get overwhelming. Twitter blog recommends creating a list of friends and family to help you find their tweets quicker. Here is how you … Read More

Noodles009Do You Have A Twitter List?

Why Link up with LinkedIn?

When you mention social media, most people think of Facebook or Twitter before they think of LinkedIn. Because there are 90 million global LinkedIn users, you may want to take a closer look. If you currently have FB & Twitter, a LinkedIn account would be a perfect addition to your personal and/or business branding. The key to having these social … Read More

Noodles009Why Link up with LinkedIn?