How Can Blogging Help My Business in 2012?

Do you believe you can lose weight or get into shape WITHOUT investing in a book, diet program or joining a gym? There are very few that can be successful and most start out with a blast and fizzle out with in the first month or two. So why would you believe you can be successful with your business goals … Read More

Noodles009How Can Blogging Help My Business in 2012?

What Makes A Good Website?

We are recently working with a client that has had a website for four years and they realized it wasn’t receiving new traffic or getting their existing clients to revisit the site. So after some research, we made some recommendations. A good website should clearly identify it’s goals and should also be attractive and easy to navigate. 1. Provide value … Read More

Noodles009What Makes A Good Website?

Do You “Push” or “Pull” Your Social Marketing?

Social media requires conversation and interaction with customers. When it comes to traditionally marketing your business, we encounter a “push” message approach. What most consumers want is a “pull” message approach. Planning your social marketing campaign is critical to draw traffic and to brand you and your business. What are some criterias to keep in mind? 1. Branding – Start … Read More

Noodles009Do You “Push” or “Pull” Your Social Marketing?

5 Tips to Boost Your Social Marketing

If your business is B2C or B2B, most likely you have or know you must have a solid social media marketing program as part of your overall marketing platform. What can you do to boost your branding? Social marketing is not only an excellent website but it includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogging and so much more. Here are 5 … Read More

Noodles0095 Tips to Boost Your Social Marketing