Is Google TV Coming to Your Community?

Google Inc.’s YouTube is expected to announce this week that it has signed several partnerships with media companies and popular personalities to provide original content for the popular YouTube website. According to the Wall Street Journal, “YouTube is trying to become a next-generation cable provider overseeing dozens of free online “channels” with professional-grade shows, people familiar with the matter have … Read More

Noodles009Is Google TV Coming to Your Community?

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Facebook is the most popular form of social marketing for most consumers and now for many more business owners to run campaigns, brand or advertise. But what about Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube? In 2010, many business owners didn’t view Twitter as a popular vehicle for social marketing but many more are expected to incorporate it in 2011. According to a … Read More

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Is Yelp! Only For Restaurant Reviews?

Yelp!,  founded in 2004 , based in San Francisco and officially launched its website in all major west coast cities in August of 2005. is a website where consumers can leave reviews for restaurants and other businesses. Recently, a study by Michael Luca, a researcher at Harvard Business School discovered that  positive Yelp! scores translate into real revenue increase for local restaurants but not … Read More

Noodles009Is Yelp! Only For Restaurant Reviews?

Facebook Finally Launched iPad App

On Columbus Day, many iPad users discovered a new face to Facebook.  FB’s long-awaited iPad app is now available and ready to use. Two of the most popular items are the photo and game features. The app has a built in HTML5 program that allows the user to scroll through news feeds, swipe or pinch the screen making it easier to use.  … Read More

Noodles009Facebook Finally Launched iPad App

What Is the Proper Facebook Etiquette?

What are the proper FB etiquettes when it comes to the “don’t dos”?  We have all seen remarks and postings that make us say “Ouch!” After reading a couple of Facebook articles and many FB comments, I’ve created my list (part one) of 5 “Don’t Dos”. 1.  Don’t use profanity (particularly the “F’ word) 2.  No bashing (religious, political or spiritual) … Read More

Noodles009What Is the Proper Facebook Etiquette?