Give Back to Your Community During the Holidays

With the December holiday season around the corner, many businesses are working on their holiday marketing plan. These holiday campaigns will start before the turkey is craved for Thanksgiving.

Marketing during the holidays goes beyond sales and promotions. It’s about connecting with customers and building deeper relationships with existing clients on things they can feel good about. Today’s social consumers want to connect themselves with businesses that are doing good deeds within their community. Supporting a local or national charity provides a host of benefits for a company.

• Shows you’re more than a business owner and that you’re a real human being
• Fires up clients and the public with a shared passions
• Creates a valuable and lasting community connections
• Builds trust and loyalty among customers
• Brands you with a good cause as a good corporate citizen

Cause-based and community-based marketing can be done with even a small budget. You can donate to the March of Dimes as Banez Insurance does with their Facebook page. Even in a tough economy, businesses can still provide a modest and meaningful way to connect to worthy causes.
Visit and “Local Spotlight” page for link and information on how you can help the Women’s Center of San Joaquin Valley and join the “Adopt a Family” program.

Noodles009Give Back to Your Community During the Holidays