10 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page

Socially Now facebook page

What is a Facebook Page?  It is a single page you create from your personal Facebook account, and it is sometimes referred as “fan page” or a “business page”.  Your page can focus on a business, a topic, a non-profit organization and it can be used to brand you and your business. It’s very popular and common to see entertainers and corporations such as Lady Gaga or Pepsi Cola taking advantage of the power of  a FB page.  It’s a meeting place with information, links, RSS feeds, photos and more.

Most importantly FB pages have lots of SEO juice. So if  you’re still not sure it should one of your 2012 New Year Resolutions to have access to a massive audience, then here are 10 more reasons:

  1. Unlimited number of fans you can have verses the 5,000 friend limit
  2. It’s free
  3. Talk to and get feedback from your target audience
  4. Promote events
  5. Customize the design using FBML, Facebook’s version of HTML
  6. Create your brand
  7. Promote your page with Facebook tools
  8. Use Facebook Pages “Insights” for information about your fans and how they interact
  9. Link to your website
  10. Unlimited photos and videos

Hope this encourages you to reconsider the value of a Facebook page, and you start creating yours today.  If  you still find Facebook overwhelming, want to learn more, or just don’t have the time to get started, contact us and one of our Socially Now team members will help.


Noodles00910 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page